The House

A few metres from the historic medieval tower of Cristo, you can find a rare peace and tranquillity.
There is an abundance of green, but also of yellows, reds and all the colours of the uncontaminated mountain landscape.
Here, small nocturnal creatures scamper around the garden whilst in the daytime, our sweet black dog Gaia races tirelessly across the meadows near the house, in the endless search for someone who will throw her a ball!
Here you will be welcomed by people who truly wish to contribute to the well-being of their guests.

Living in such a marvellous natural setting, our respect for nature is also reflected in the choice of ecological paints and cleaning materials which we use inside the house, including probiotic detergents, harmless to people and animals even if swallowed (in fact they purify the environment).
We take great care in separating our refuse, recycling, making compost and using recycled and renewable materials.

The Lutin House is not suitable for those who are afraid of silence…


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